I am Chontae , the creator of iheartbrowngirl. I came up with the idea of iheartbrowngirl when I began to speak with my friends and other women  of color and noticed that we all have similar stories if not the same. 

We all want better but sometimes don’t know where to start. We all have dreams and aspirations but may lack the fire to get them started. We have all felt overwhelmed , under appreciated , or even forgotten about at one time or another. How many times have you felt that way. 

I want you to walk away from this experience feeling empowered , encouraged , and also enlightened. There is someone out there who went through what you went through and that person is me as well as many others. 

As you read the stories of others , encourage your sister , share some advice and feel empowered  that you to can overcame what you have gone through. I encourage everyone to please submit your stories and be mindful that you to are in a position to help others. Remember every new day is a new opportunity for change and advancement.


Love iheartbrowngirl 

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  1. As a African American women ive delt with many stigmas and often to embarrassed to ask for help. Many things that could of helped me and open me up for a better futures I turn away because I felt I was a mirrors of my parents trials and I couldn’t do better.
    In reading some of the articles on this site it seems that people like me (brown girls or just girls of all colors) can log on and get information that could help with finances, beauty, relationships, marriage, abuse or just how to love the skin your in. Great Job keep up the good work.


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