I am Chontae , the creator of iheartbrowngirl. I came up with the idea of iheartbrowngirl because I love the browngirl.

In dealing with my own experiences of abuse, insecurities , depression , doubt and everything else, I began to find myself. In my Darkest Hour I felt alone , I felt rejected , I felt suicidal at times. In my Brightest Hour I saw the light , I saw the promise of happiness, love, and most important the promise of ME.

I began to find the browngirl………I began to love the browngirl…….I am the browngirl……

When I look at you I see me. I am that girl who did not have any help at times , I am that girl who was abused, I am that girl who was broke, I am that girl who dropped out of college, I am that girl who was cheated on , I am that girl who had their heart broken, I am that girl who thought this is the end , I am that girl who doubted herself, I am that girl who was the side chick , I am that girl that was everything that you were, are and aspire to be. I AM THAT GIRL….

On this journey of life , I have learned and grown so much. I have overcome obstacles that I thought there was no solution to. I have changed my circumstances and along the way I have changed those around me. However, before those around me could change I had to change myself and be a better Chontae. Change your mindset and change your life!

So expect to see stories of personal experiences of relationships that we can all relate to , or experiences that have helped me improve my relationship with myself and the road to being a better individual.
These are OUR experiences and to unite we all have to come together, to unite we all have to embrace each other, to unite WE HAVE TO STOP JUDGING EACH OTHER.

I aim to empower all of my readers. If you feel compelled to share please do so because when you release, you are letting go of that bad energy that was once trapped and holding you back. We are powerful human beings and powerful women, embrace the brown girl and take control over your power and become who God made you to be GREAT!

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  1. As a African American women ive delt with many stigmas and often to embarrassed to ask for help. Many things that could of helped me and open me up for a better futures I turn away because I felt I was a mirrors of my parents trials and I couldn’t do better.
    In reading some of the articles on this site it seems that people like me (brown girls or just girls of all colors) can log on and get information that could help with finances, beauty, relationships, marriage, abuse or just how to love the skin your in. Great Job keep up the good work.


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