Can’t a afford a girls trip

Every year me and my friends take an annual girls trip. We began to realize life is too short to not travel and see the world. Couldn’t but I think wouldn’t this be nice to jet set and jet set with your girls.

A friend and I decided to put this trip together , determine where we were going , how long and the price that should be reasonable for all. Costa Rica became our destination. We were able to gather 8 woman who were down and now the only issue was booking our trip.

Another friend suggested booking through a travel agent to which we entertained . However that idea was easily not popular. We were not trying to spend no more then roughly $1200 , the travel agent wanted $2000. With that being said we booked it ourselves.

We found a website called Cheap Caribbean. We were able to book our 4 nights/5day all inclusive trip for less then $1000 , airfare included. How’s that for not using a travel agent.

When it was all said and done the hotel was great , as I cannot just stay any where. We had a great time bonding as girls , we laid on the beach , did excursions , drank by the pool and truly enjoyed ourselves.

If flying out of the country is not an affordable option for you maybe stateside mini vacations are. We found sometimes that booking our flight separate and holding off in the hotel was most cost effective. So here’s some suggestions of great places to travel in the coming months on a budget:

Denver has a median price of $186
Fort Lauderdale has a median price of $200
Chicago has a median price of $210
Los Angeles has a median price of $217
Orlando has a median price of $218
Las Vegas has a median price of $228
New York has a median price of $248
Miami has a median price of $256
New Orleans has a median price of $273
San Francisco has a median price of $296

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