Dating in the workplace and why I will not do it again

When I first moved out of state the only people I knew was my immediate family . I was in an on and off again relationship and at this time we were off. So single and ready to mingle here we come. I noted at my job there were a few guys but one in particular who caught my attention. His name was john he was tall , no kids ,educated , ambitious except he lived with his girlfriend.

We were introduced to each and it was evident we would make a perfect couple per our coworkers. I told myself I am no ones side chick ,we can be friends  and I am no home wrecker , he’s the home wrecker.

After months of talking , exchanging stories, hanging out here and there , I had decided to start online dating. As my friend he was right there coaching and cheering me through. In this process we became closer , so much so that I invited him over after a bad date. We talked like we always do but then he reached over for a kiss and to my surprise I accepted and kissed back. In that moment it felt magical and I had no idea I even had feelings for him.

So as the weeks progressed we continued our little secret. I was falling for this guy and had to decided either your just going to fuck him and keep it moving or stop this nonsense because it’s wrong , he has a girlfriend.

So I had a brief lapse of judgment and decided you will never be in a relationship with him because he has a girlfriend. It seemed like he wanted a relationship with me  but what difference would it make if he weren’t single. Not to mention do I want a boyfriend that is a cheater. So I decided I’m just going to fuck him and keep it moving.

I invited him over one late night , I  showered , threw on my most sexiest lingerie and heels and when he knocked on the door I was there half naked to answer it. He was smiling , surprised and hard. He immediately grabbed me kissed me, I sat down as he undid his pants and to my delight he was HUGE. Without a second thought foreplay began and then he stopped and said he couldn’t. So he sat down boxers on , I got on top of him , cum everywhere , we dry humped kissed and he left.

I was confused , what did I do wrong , I thought he was ready to fuck me. He made that clear every time we spoke , every time he came over. In the past he had no problem having sex with these other females and messing around so why was this so different , isn’t this what he wanted ? I had chosen to be a home wrecker and it just did not work the way  wanted lol.

Well after that incident it seemed things went downhill. We talked less , we weren’t taking breaks together any more , he was now taking breaks with another girl and basically ignoring me. I was so confused because I never pursued him and when I finally made up my mind to be a active participant in his games because (girls can do that too) it was like he didn’t want to be bothered any more.

Well needless to say a year later due to some reorganizing in the company we were required to work together more often. Well I’m a professional and can put on a great face. He attempted to be my friend and at that point I decided I’m at work and hi and bye is sufficient but nothing more. A part of me wanted to confront him about it but you know what who cares , I moved on and it seemed so did he.

I guess it’s safe to say that my experience with dating in the workplace did not turn out so well. I don’t know if I would do it again , however that  fling was fun and entertaining while it lasted and while the outcome was confusing hey that’s life right.


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  1. Men they play too many games. It could of been he enjoyed chasing you and seeing how far you would take it. When you took control of the situation he may have felt like it would be wrong to lead you on. But girl you should of told him to put that tongue to work then and made him leave. Lol. But good thing you kept it professional when you did see him. It would of been a major disaster if chaos was caused in the workplace.

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