Should You Date a Man With Potential

When I was younger and heard this I would be like sign me up.When I here this question now and it’s deeper than what it is.

So let me first say to all my fellow woman , all men have potential , potential to get a job , potential to move out from their mother , potential to leave they wife , potential to get a better job , and potential potential potential. The real question is what are you doing with your potential.

On so many occasions we stoop to the level of someone else instead of allowing them to be on our level. I have always been in a circumstance where I have compromised on my standards. When I say compromise on standards as in feeling bad because this person is in between cars , or in between jobs or oh I feel bad because you fell on hard times. As I have gotten older I realized why lower my standards for someone who isn’t prepared.

Dating a man with potential means someone who is capable but doing it. Most recently I had a conversation with a coworker and she told me when she met her now husband , he had one child and was living at home with his mom. He had already owned a home and sold it and was living back home just because. He worked in a field that had potential , the issue was him applying himself. Because she believed in him and supported him, he now is making three times the salary he was and they are married and just moved into a brand new house and had a baby.

Of course there are so many what if questions out there. My general rule of thumb from personal experience is what are you doing now , what do you want to do and why. Many times people change because of someone else as opposed to having a natural desire to become better. I want to be with a man that wants to be his best self for himself and be his best self for me.

So I say think twice before dating a man with potential and think about what that really means!

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