I asked my boyfriend this and of course he shrugs his shoulders. I asked my friend this ( another man ) and he says yes.

Well I have the answer , my opinion of course. I am sure there are a lot of woman out there who are in sexless relationships or too much sex in the relationship, or maybe a cheating husband or your cheating.

I think masturbation is a rescuer and important for both men and woman. Here’s why.

First off as a female when you first start having sex why does the TV and everyone around you make an orgasm easy for the woman. I remember my first time having sex of course it was not great I mean it was the first time, but for years I went without having an orgasm bc of course I didn’t even know where to find it lol .

A coworker introduced me to sex toys , so I’m like ommmmmmm so what do I do with this lol . It took me a while to figure out ok this is what you do I mean YouTube doesn’t tell you lol . In exploring my own body I began to understand my vagina more , my womaness. How can you have someone else exploring you when you have never explored you.

As I mustered up the courage to masterbate , the more I purchased more toys and that’s where the real fun began.

Now upon figuring out where your G spot is , this makes it easier for you to have sex with your guy , girl or whoever , and have an orgasm quicker. Sort of like a map , when you know where to go and what your doing , you get there quicker.

Now using masterbation for the purpose of exploring yourself I would say yes it’s healthy, I also think when you may be the partner that wants sex everyday all day and night yeah you may want to masterbate a little.

In my relationship cheating is not an option , but masterbation is. I mean it’s safer as far as diseases but also I do think it takes the pressure off sometimes especially when you have kids a career and life is happening realistically, can you have sex all day and every day.

I encourage my boyfriend to masterbate as sometimes I don’t want to have sex , I’m tired and I know other times he is the same. I think that most people don’t want to talk about this or feel offended if their significant other masterbates. Most times it’s not because their not attracted to your or they don’t love you etc it’s usually because it’s quick , less of a mess lol or even bc you may be tired so why not take care of self.

So next time your mate masterbates why not join or be grateful their not cheating.

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