My Empty House

So I purchased my home almost a year ago , 3 beds and 2/1/2 baths. I have no kids it’s just me and it’s EMPTY .

Well not quite empty but let’s just say it’s not fully furnished. So yes people told me after you buy your home you would be broke and feel like a homeless person who’s worth a few hundred thousand. Well I still feel like that homeless person worth a few hundred thousand lol.

If any of you are like me , then you will understand I expensive taste. Unfortunately I have a hard time shopping at average places to buy average things. Meanwhile I have an average job. I see stuff at Neiman Marcus and will wait months for it to go on sale at an affordable price just to have it. I mean who says Neimans is only for the rich.

So one friend says room by room and take your time. I have another friend who’s home was furnished in record breaking time. Where does this leave me?

After mulling this over in my head I decided ok well you can’t wait forever for thousands dollar items to be on sale for $100 dollars . I decided to embark on a journey called furnish your house with one new item every pay period.

I’m coming along and have purchased little items here and there. I have come to the conclusion that while my house is still not furnished I have unique and expensive taste. Therefore , perfection doesn’t happen in a month but rather over time. So don’t feel bad if you haven’t furnished your apartment or home yet because your not alone.

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