Pedicures with my man

Pedicures is usually a time for you and your girls to kick back ,relax and chill. Never did I think I would look forward to pedicures with my man.

Now don’t get me wrong my man was not like oh sign me up , it took some convincing. The first time we went was a few years ago and I had to beg him to come and just try it once. After all his feet were in need of some tender loving care and I definitely were not touching them thangs with a ten foot pole.

So I get the green light to make the appointment , we arrive at the salon. He walks in and immediately all eyes on him , talk about awkward. I mean there were no men there (normally there are’t ) and he was the big black man. We get escorted to our seat ,place our feet in the hot water that was drawn and are patiently waiting for the process to begin. Initially he seemed uptight and nervous but as time progressed and that asian lady put that work in , he began to feel at ease.

During the pedicure session , I felt like I replaced my girls with my man and to be honest we had a great time. I thought I was in for nothing but complaints and would not hear the end of it on our ride home. To my surprise, once his nails were cut and cleaned , his heels were scrubbed and soft, and he walked out feeling like a brand new man.

That day my man learned a valuable lesson , pedicures are for woman and MEN. Now whenever I get a pedicure my man gets one and in fact thinks is the best thing since sliced bread. Ladies when are you taking your man for a pedicure ?


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