Scared of Lonely

When I think of scared of lonely I hear Beyoncé in my head singing ( scared of lonely ) from I Am …..Sasha Fierce Album.

Many times I have come across friends who must have a man. I am sure y’all know a few lol. So why is it we are afraid to be lonely?

So many woman out there are looking for that one to make them whole that one person to find happiness , when in all actuality happiness is inside. Happiness starts within. Yes I know this sounds cliche but ladies we have to start taking care of self before making the next person happy.

On many occasions I have seen woman who place their hopes , dreams and plans on when I find a man or on finding a man to complete them. Only to get that man , move him in , introduce him to the family and friends and two weeks later he’s not the one. However if we took the time to nurture our selves we would have known he wasn’t the one before giving up a part of ourselves.

Just imagine what life would be like single. When my boyfriend and I broke ( about 8 months ) up i knew emotionally I couldn’t handle another man. I made it an intentional point to stay single . Now I told myself I would not seek out someone to fill that void , however if I happen to have met someone worth my time I would entertain it. But again I needed to heal myself and explore single.

What I found was I like me , I enjoy my freedom. Coming and going as I please was fulfilling. Doing for me without the concern of another human was great. Did I miss my boyfriends companionship of course , but when you have a great team of girls, and support system , those thoughts become distant.

Even when I did not have friends around just going out alone came be an awesome idea. I have been to dinners alone sometimes a book in hand , the movies alone or just walks in the park alone. It’s an amazing feeling yo have alone time and enjoy time to reflect on your past but also most importantly your future. We all need to take a step back and reflect on the gifts we have to offer ourselves

I encourage each person reading this to take the time to get to know themselves. If you are already in a relationship pick one some free time in the week to do something you enjoy by yourself. Even if it’s reading a book alone or allowing yourself five minutes of silence to meditate and be open.

If you are not in a relationship you probably have more opportunity to do things alone. Go on a short trip alone , or take yourself out to dinner or on a romantic single date. We have to start treating ourselves and empower ourselves , when the right man comes alone we will learnt to not accept anything less than our value.

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