Are You Setting Standards and Requirements For Your Man ?

If you are asking yourself, is he going to propose, why is he not contributing to the household or paying half, why isn’t he helpful around the house or with the kids, etc, than you need to rethink your relationship. 

The definition of standard is a measure of quality while a requirement is something that is needed. If there are things you need and desire in your relationship and you have a high standard then why aren’t we having these conversations with the men we lay down with, date, marry, and have kids with. Why aren’t we having these conversations?

From experience, I was just like you and it wasn’t until I had an opportunity to be single and reflect on my future, my wants and needs, what I could tolerate and what I couldn’t or what I am willing to compromise on, I began to realize it’s important for me to set standards and requirements for myself.

Not only does this reflect the love you have for yourself but this will allow you to be clear on your path and to be upfront so as to avoid the why’s but instead be with someone who can meet your expectations.

As humans, we are constantly changing and evolving, however it is never our responsibility to change a man but it is our responsibility to teach a man or anyone how to treat you!

If you are single, take some time and think about the requirements you have if any. Ladies who are in a relationship take some time and think about that too, it is never too late to change the trajectory of your relationship you just need to communicate better.

As the old saying goes if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything and why should our relationship be the one area we fail in.

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