Living with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 

So I have pcos which is weird because I have only come across one other person who has it although I’m sure there are many others out there. A sure sign of pcos is irregular periods. During a routine annual checkup, I went through the motions of being bombarded with questions such as when did you have your last period, (maybe add another question) etc. My periods come when they want to therefore my answer was a few months ago. 
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What I discovered after going to therapy

In the black community so many people view therapy as a sign of weakness . A few years ago I was really struggling with life and felt like I  had no outlet. I always saw people on tv seek therapy usually white,  but very seldom were they like me. 

I started to go to therapy at a time when my personal relationship was in a bad place and I was lost. Here it was I was about to graduate college with my four year degree , I had planned so much for my life but felt like I was loosing my mind. At that time in my life what I was looking for the strength to be strong and also guidance.

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