What I discovered after going to therapy

In the black community so many people view therapy as a sign of weakness . A few years ago I was really struggling with life and felt like I  had no outlet. I always saw people on tv seek therapy usually white,  but very seldom were they like me. 

I started to go to therapy at a time when my personal relationship was in a bad place and I was lost. Here it was I was about to graduate college with my four year degree , I had planned so much for my life but felt like I was loosing my mind. At that time in my life what I was looking for the strength to be strong and also guidance.

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Dating in the workplace and why I will not do it again

When I first moved out of state the only people I knew was my immediate family . I was in an on and off again relationship and at this time we were off. So single and ready to mingle here we come. I noted at my job there were a few guys but one in particular who caught my attention. His name was john he was tall , no kids ,educated , ambitious except he lived with his girlfriend.

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Lost Child…

I find myself thinking about that dreadful day,
It’s something you can not forgive yourself for, even after what you paid.
I’d never thought I would do it, it felt like just pretend.
That day was as real as it comes, don’t know how to make ammends.
I get to wondering how life would be,
How life would be if I had my baby to oversee.
Sometimes I regret it, Sometimes I feel I did the right thing,
Can’t help that my decision drives me insane.