Because of my skin

I get tired of being in this skin, the skin I’m in,
Tired of being mistreated like my color is a sin,
This daily struggle of proven your worth,
This daily struggle because I am diverse,

Who made them God’s? Who made them the judge?
Who made these people worthy of being number one?
Over 150 years and we are still enslaved,
150 years and we are only noticed in the grave,
The constant profiling because I am dark,
The constant mistreatment and I still choose not to bark,
When you fight for your rights you end up with none,
They don’t wanna see us equal, they wanna give us a gun,
Then shoot us down because they say they feel threatened,
Shoot us down and they are the ones that carry the weapon,
21st century and nothing has changed,
Just found more ways to keep us wearing the chains,
These laws aren’t for us, they are more for themselves,
Keep us down because your scared of our strength,
Keep us away at a arms length,
What are you proving? What are you doing?
Generations and generations of my race divided,
Generations and generations of my race departed?
Throw our men in jail because they wanna make money,
OUR BLACK MEN ARE IN JAIL!!! That is not funny,
Broken homes, and single parents,
Kids being raised without much clearance,
Brain washing our minds to be taught what they want,
Hiding the fact that the truth is what haunts,
No matter what they do it always come to light,
Years later and slowly there is a fight,
We are tired of being put down because they think they are superior,
Tired of being made like we are posterior,
When will it end? When will it change?
When can we feel like the world is not ashamed,
As one we can do greatness, so they divided us apart,
Tried to make us hate each other, and instill it in our hearts,
I won’t be tired, I will speak up, We can change the world,
When will it start?

Written by Shareese Edison

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