You girls all want to be me

So you make me feel shame and unattractive

You degrade only to lift your guilt ,while you steal our natural for fake 

As our black men put us down saying we are ghetto, loud and broken

Black men ,how they forget who raised them, birthed them

The powerful and strong black women you called mom that you looked at as once beautiful

The mom who worked 2 jobs to raise you. 

The mom who shielded you from you fathers abuse with her body, black eyes and broken bones 

The momma you now see as momma from the ghetto, a hood rat and her kind is not worth your time saying you don’t date black girls. 

Like you didn’t get birthed from a black womb.  So you abandon your strong black women for the other kind.  

As a black girl I grew up protecting the black men who hate me. Compromise myself and my integrity for them.  Taking back my power to to stand and say you don’t defy me 

Learning how to write the wrong that black is not beautiful.  Learning that we are the gem,  the diamond in the rough.  We are beautiful from outside in, inside out

Learning to love me. The strong black, brown and beautiful women I am.  

The world will not defy me

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