Queen Reese

I’m just in a place in my life where I wanna be free, 
Can’t take care of nobody gotta worry about me, 
Single and kidless plus I drive my own car, 
I’m so hip to this life I split my own gar,

Don’t need a man because I’m more than enough, 
If you think I’m lying you can call my own bluff,
In my own lane just gotta stay focused, 
No time for these games like Hocus Pocus
Blocking folks out because my view is clear, 
Taking this challenge like you gave me a dare, 
No time for the bullshit gottta know your worth, 
No time to entertain because I’m working on my growth, 
My mind, my attitude, and my body,
Can’t keep living this lifestyle of being naughty,
I’ll still spark a L, might take a few shots, 
But I’m not going broke being a thot, 
Letting niggas drive my shit for I can better myself,
Bitch please I should of sent they ass a check,
Why I gotta ask for help?
Not really helping me more like helping yourself, 
You not about to ride the wagon with my wealth, 
Probably thinking like what wealth cause bitch you ain’t got shit, 
I got a heart of gold stronger than a left kick, 
Keep doubting my persona, I’ll make you the next lick,
Not you personally, because you don’t have shit, 
But I’ll rob your moms, then I’ll sit on your dick, 
Just to show you this stuff was sweet, 
I’m the reason you was able to eat, 
I thugged it this whole year and you still wouldn’t know it, 
I would of walked a mile in your shoes and still wouldn’t of shown it, 
I’m telling you, I’m turning heads better then you, 
Let my work speak for itself, I’ll give you a good view, 
Been doing this “Adulting” since my first boyfriend went to jail, 
At 16 years old how many know how to make visits at the jail?
Probably a few with parents incarcerated, 
Hopefully their kids will not incarnate them, 
It’s the trick of the system, we have to figure out how to trick em, 
Back to me for I digress, 
Like I’m saying though it’s my year to impress,
Put myself on, and put myself to the test,
Guaranteed to come out being the best,
Don’t want the accolades, I’m gunning for personal success, 
Me at my best is all I’m about to stress,
Ain’t no new year, new me,
new year, no tea, 
Going hard like the bumble bee,
Yall bout to start calling me Queen Reese,
(Where my crown)

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