The Man …………

The only man that makes me feel insecure,
The one who makes me feel less then more,
The one who uses my love to his advantage,
Instead of walking away and letting me heal what’s damaged,

Who are you to knock me down,
Who is this man that thinks you don’t deserve this crown,
Who is this man who stole my joy and killed it with this crazy ploy,
Why can’t I realize you don’t deserve me,
Why can’t I realize I’m not less than you see,
I know my worth so what’s the issue,
How I let this man get me crying to the point I need tissue,
I gave him more than deserved and now I’m looking desperate.
I took all his flaws and learned to love em all,
I took all his flaws and helped him not to fall,
This man broke me down into a million pieces,
He will never understand how he had me on a leash,
He will never know how he tamed this beast,
I didn’t need to be tamed I needed to be understood,
I needed somebody to see me like how I should,
How is it I held this man on a pedestal,
How is it I laid down red rose pedals,
At his feet whenever he walked the ground,
Worshipped his body and even held him down.
Guess it wasn’t enough because his heart desired more,
More females to flirt with and more pussies to fuck,
Guess I’m not the only one who he can get to suck,
Are you looking for love or you just tryna score?
Acting like a whore he sure got what he looking for,
I keep downing myself like I’m not good enough,
When in reality it’s you. It’s you who’s not good enough. Not good enough to deserve my love, not good enough to deserve my hugs, my touch, my kiss or my presence,
Crazy how you lose a good woman to fuck these peasants.
Maybe in his eyes I wasn’t good, maybe in his eyes I wasn’t hood,
Disrespectful, smart ass, dark skin girl, maybe in his eyes I wasn’t skinny enough,
I’m sorry that my stomach has a pudge, maybe I didn’t give him all he needed,
Girl you tripping you gave him the world what more could he have needed,
Clearly multiple people to make him feel good,
One woman wasn’t enough he wanted to bag the hood,
Not that you’re not good enough your more than fine,
Can’t fault yourself for somebody whose dumb enough to wanna waste your time,
Nobody is perfect everybody has flaws,
Once you love yourself your find a man who will love all them walls

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