The misconception of the black woman


The misconception of the black woman 

Being black and a woman I am told I am not good enough 

Being woman I am told I am not strong enough 

If I speak my mind then I am wrong 

When I’m submissive then I’m singing your song 

I have a job , I have my own place , I have a car 

Only when I demand respect things don’t get far

I am college educated with not one but two degrees 

My salary can rival most by threes

I am no gold digger , whom by your income wants to get richer 

Nor do I depend on the government as my bigger picture 

I am driven and ambitious

I am driven and ambitious, my accomplishments will show, 

im a beast and im vicious in this competitive world unknown, 

i am no ones baby mama, i will be someone wife, 

i am a self made woman in control of my own life, 

my past speaks chapters and reflects my hard work 

But my future speaks volumes

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