I get what the others don’t , should that make me proud?
I also do what the other’s won’t, should I make you bow?
What I want from you is free, nothing is required,
You better quit playing before my love expires,

Your money- you can keep, Your time should be discreet,
I want stability and I want you as my man,
I don’t want a man who I call a best friend,
Who still gets the benefit of being with me from within,
Without the possibility of commitment because you are scared,
Or the possibility that you’ll cheat because you can’t be a faithful man,
I deserve so much and I appreciate your worth,
But what about mine?
Do you not think that I deserve more,
You think what do you for me is all I’ll endure?
I guess because I’m still here and I haven’t left,
You must feel like you got the best,
The best of both worlds because there is no commitment,
I wanna build with a man who is not so resistant,
What is the issue, what is causing such a pause?
If you can’t see yourself settling down with me you should of put that in the clause,
I’m trying to hold on because it’s you that I only want,
But now I’m getting tired of putting on this front,
rule the world——-That saying is true,
What else would make you not want a commitment from a good woman down for you.
Should I be patient, should I let go?
I need to do me this situation is getting old.

by Shareese E

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