It is ok to job hop

Graduate high school, go to college and get a career. Make sure it pays well, has health benefits , a 401k and one that you can retire from. That sounds great however in 2017 for most millennials, that’s unrealistic.

When I first moved out on my own took that piece of information and ran with it, it seemed all of the adults around me were content so why wouldn’t I. Then I realized I wasn’t happy and I was staying at jobs out of fear, out of fear of job hopping. I have been in the same career for ten years and while I have switched companies here and there but nonetheless cautiously.

It was not until I recently spoke with someone who explained that in order to find a job you enjoy you need to take what you enjoy about the current job and look for a job with more of that and apply for it.

A lot of times we apply for jobs that we think will fit us perfectly or the atmosphere seems great but once we get the job with the high paying salary it no longer seems as promising as it did in the interview. Most times we stay thinking I am stuck or I have to stay here another few years because it will not look good on my resume.

Do not be apologetic for the change of a career every two years etc. Not only can job hopping yield a better position, but also a higher salary and also a work culture that fits you.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with a supervisor who explained when he looks at a resume and sees a person who has been with multiple companies, that is a red flag for him. As I listened to him go on and on, I realized his perspective was dated , a perspective of someone who has only had one career, and during his 50 years of works history he has only been with two companies.

Studies show that by staying with an employer for more than two years can cost you up to 50% or more of your lifetime earnings.

For some people they are able to get a job and stay with that company for years and get promotion after promotion but for the rest of us who are unhappy I am here to tell you it is ok.

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