Sleepless Nights Anyone ?

Does anyone else wake up at 2am and stare at the ceiling wondering what to do now. Right , for some reason I have the hardest time sleeping an entire night. I lay in bed as my boyfriend lies next to me snoring away.

Like most people I have a 9-5 well a 7:30-3:30 and I need energy to even open my eyes to my dreadful place of work lol. However apparently by body tells me wake up it’s 2am. In an attempt to get some sleep I remembered at 20 years old alcohol would make me drowsy , soooooo on with the drinks. No. That didn’t work.

A lot of nights I would go to sleep around 8 pm maybe 9 so maybe I need to go to bed around 11. That wasn’t it.

I tried sleeping pills and they do work but as the saying goes , everything in moderation so I like to use those sparingly.

What I have found to be the best solution for me is to meditate before bed. A lot of times we have racing thoughts of bills, kids , husband , your job to name a few and we don’t know how to settle those thoughts. Getting those thoughts out or settling our mind can help relax the body.

About a year ago a friend recommended an app called Insight Timer Meditation App. It’s great because if you want to meditate for one minute or 30 minutes they have something for everyone.

If I am going to have a drink during the weekday I try to have it in the early evening hours that way I’m not waking up at night constantly peeing and this won’t affect my sleep as much.

I also found that heavy eating affects my sleep pattern. If your anything like me I want to come home and eat everything in the house. I am usually starving however going to bed with an overfull stomach is no good. Try to eat earlier in the evening , allowing your body to digest the food and if your still hungry a light snack normally works for me. Apples anyone lol .

Lastly if all else fails , embrace your sleepless nights. I find that this is my most peaceful and creative time to myself. I look for jobs , research or may even write poetry. If there’s an unfinished project I’m working on I may finish that and once I’m done I will go back to sleep if there’s any time left.

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