So, I tried the ten-day green Smoothie Challenge

My boyfriend told me about this ten day smoothie challenge and it helps with your stomach fat. He sent me the info so I could read over it and give the green light to go ahead and try it. 

I gave the green light and we stocked up on all the fruits and veggies required so there would be no excuse of failure. We pretty much ate all of the cooked food in the house before our start date so again no excuse as to why we would cheat. 

I failed lol, not miserably but I don’t think I would receive a A+. The first day believe it or not was a breeze, I was hungry but I felt motivated and same with my boyfriend. 

The second day I was miserably hungry, my ears hurt, I had a headache and could not stay focused to save my life. I looked up the items I could snack on and said ok Wednesday this will be better. 

By Wednesday I had packed grapes and boiled eggs. My mood was better I did not have a headache but I was hungry 😋but hey I’m going to hang in there. I had three boiled eggs total, some grapes and unsalted peanuts. 

Ok, Thursday I’m four days in and feeling strong, only to have a headache again. All I could think about was how hungry I was. Don’t get me wrong the smoothies were great but I wanted real food. The fact that my boyfriend was doing it with me definitely helped but I was ready to say I GIVE IN. 

Day five (five down five more to go). You know I figured ok here I am almost half way through and you can do this just eat your BORING snacks lol and remember your challenging yourself. Well I can say by Friday evening my boyfriend and I had a pow wow and decided mussels are healthy and I mean it’s light so let’s just order mussels and get back on the wagon. 

I must tell you once we ate those mussels we were satisfied and I remembered how much I missed food. 

Well we got back on the wagon 🚙 beep beep team us is coming through. Saturday, we both did great but Sunday we ate real food and then Monday we were back on until my boyfriend said I cheated this morning. 

The moral of this story is we did not complete the full ten days. What I will say is by day four and five I didn’t feel light or different, maybe I needed to stay on it longer idk. 

What I will say is preparation is key, every night I would come home and prepare 6 smoothies for the next day. My take away from this challenge has been that at least I made it to day five without solid food or processed food. Also, I decided that while maybe I can’t go ten days straight without food wat I can do is incorporate these green smoothies into my lifestyle. Such as replacing one meal a day with a green smoothie.

Overall this was a great experience and I may try this endeavor again! 

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